Nemesis (The New Earth Colonies Book 2) – A Science Fiction Romance

by Nina Silver 

In the aftermath of a devastating alien attack, humans are trying to survive in New Earth – now a scorching shell of what it used to be. Colonies have been created on the other planets of the solar system, and the destroyed Earth is left to those who choose to stay behind or those who cannot afford to move to the Colonies.

Dr. Xanthippe Calvin is an unapologetically fun loving, thrill seeking woman who may at times be too stubborn and argumentative for her own good. As a newly degreed medical doctor from the Saturn Science University, she is unhappily forced to transfer for her new post assignment to the uppity colony of Neptune. Of course, it doesn’t help that her transplant instructor happens to be a sexy, hot man too uptight for his own good.

Captain Jaxson Jet is a reticent, cautious, and often aloof man who dislikes anything that will throw off his carefully planned everyday routine. When the Governor of Neptune, who also happens to be his father, puts him in charge of training the new transplant citizens from Saturn, his life becomes anything but his daily routine. Of course, a certain feisty, obstinate, and pretty brunette doctor does not make it any easier for him.

When an old nemesis returns, Xan and Jax are thrown in together not by just trying to fight for their lives but also by the begrudging attraction they feel towards each other. When everything they thought they knew comes into question, and with the fate of Neptune, the Colonies, and New Earth possibly depending on them, will they both find the courage to fight for more than their lives or will they get lost in the shuffle?

Caution: Do Not Read if you do not like action-filled adventures, heroines who are a tad too stubborn for their own good, heroes with heaps of intensity who may need a little loosening up, and steamy sexy times that will have you saying “Oh my lucky stars!”


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Winters Day – A Romantic Comedy

No one looks for pain, but some women seem to attract it.

Jolie Winter’s and her cousin, Debbie are more than family, and when you have someone that close they can sometimes lead you astray. Debbie sets Jolie up on dates with some disastrous results. 

Then, Debbie, gets sick, and Jolie finds herself adrift, turning back to her first love, Dave to anchor her from the storms in her life. But what good is an anchor if it’s dragging you under? And is Jolie strong enough to leave the man she thought so perfect to find a love that offers life, not death?

Set in modern-day suburban Britain, Winter’s Day investigates the tough issues of love and abuse, strength and dependence. Multi-layered and emotional, it takes the reader for a roller-coaster ride of the human psyche in all its glory, drenched in gritty realism and laugh-aloud humour.

The Forgotten – A Suspense Novel

by J. V. Baptie

Edinburgh, 1977

Newly-promoted but not welcome in CID, Detective Sergeant Helen Carter is tasked with investigating a murder in an old abandoned picture house. 

The killer has left a clue: the business card of an ex-cop. 

Helen must piece together the case before the bodies mount up around her, and before the killer strikes closer to home…

Sins of A Housewife 2: The Hennessey Chronicles

by Monica L. Smith

Sins of A Housewife 2 – The Hennessey Chronicles follows Louis’s story of how he is transformed from a sweet and loving husband into the most talked about and requested male escort at Hidden Pleasures – Hennessey. Aurora, the owner of Hidden Pleasures, shows him that size truly does matter in his profession and money can make one sell their soul to the devil.

Stranded in Love – A Romance Novel

by Victoria Grant

If a gold medal was awarded for ‘Worst Day Ever’ Laney Calderone would win it today, hands down. She’s just discovered she’s pregnant, her fiancé abruptly dumps her when she tells him, and her new car refuses to start as a brutal snowstorm hits Toronto.

Good Samaritan Tyler Hammond offers to take her home; however, with the heavy snow falling and his patience dwindling, Laney’s gold medal day isn’t over yet.

Storms intensify both outside and in as Laney finds herself inexplicably attracted to this tall, dark and very handsome but infuriating stranger.

Can Laney fight her unwanted yet increasing desire for this man long enough to get through the relentless storm? And will Tyler let her walk out of his life as easily as she came into it?

A Cruise to Murder

A Rachel Prince Mystery Book 1

by Dawn Brookes 

A cruise should be the perfect remedy for Rachel Prince who has been ditched by the man she was engaged to marry!

That’s what her best friend, Mary suggested when she invited Rachel to join her on the cruise ship where she works as a nurse. It would have been the ideal getaway if there wasn’t a potential murderer on the loose.

Rachel befriends a bereaved, elderly woman but, as a newly qualified WPC, she becomes convinced that something sinister is going on around the old lady. There is mystery and threat surrounding her new friend, Lady Marjorie Snellthorpe.

Who is the secretive Carlos and why does he seem to be watching Lady Snellthorpe? As she finds herself becoming more and more attracted to him she is sure that stress is causing her to imagine things.

Events unfold that cause her to doubt Carlos and when one of the passengers meets with a tragic accident the doubts multiply. Is Marjorie in danger and can she prevent a murder even when she is in danger herself? She is determined to relax and enjoy her holiday with her friend, Mary but there is danger at every turn.

Tainted Waters: A Dark Paranormal Fantasy Novel

Paranormal Peacekeepers Book 1

by Lucretia Stanhope

Half witch. Half light elf. Welcome by neither. Alice is alone and desperate to fit in at her aunt’s coven when she embarks on a dubious quest for cave nettle.

Dark Elf. Decker is a leader running out of time. Isolated from the main cave system due to a hex making the water in his cave toxic, even the war his clan demands won’t save them.

The two must put aside centuries-old survival instincts and work together to save lives and preserve the fragile treaty between the coven and clan.

Twisted Truths & Leveled Lies

Twisted Truths & Leveled Lies

by S. K. Lessner

My life was a fairytale.
He was my everything.
All my dreams had come true.

But what do you do when you find out
that he isn’t who you thought he was…
that lives might be lost…
and every truth you believed in,
is twisted and leveled into a lie?

Completely satisfied with her single life, Mel is blindsided when she meets an extremely sexy, accomplished, and irresistible doctor. But unbeknownst to her, there are those who’ve waited and planned for this moment. When all the truths twist and reveal the lies, it’s up to her to save the lives of those she cares most about. Alone again, she’s forced to seek help elsewhere. Frantically trying to eliminate the threat, she finds that help in the least likely of places: a tall, tattooed, and pierced stranger.

Mercy Brown: A Vampire Romance

Tiki Kos's dark and monstrous story tells a tale of a girl who loses everything but finds her true calling in a town where she was the outcast but now is the savior.

by Tiki Kos

“The intrigue, chaos, love.” ★★★★★

“This book is for the invisible girls”★★★★
“Don’t worry these vampires are not sparkly.” ★★★★★
if you like your vampires monstrous, you’ll like this book.”★★★★
it’s a cross of walking dead and vampire diaries.”★★★★★

I’ve always been the prey.

All Seventeen-year-old Mercy Brown wanted to do was finish her last year of high school without any glitches. Now, vampires are tearing apart the small town of Goodsprings. While teaming up with her friends, Sebastien Balaur the mysterious new boy and Amanda the book crazed bestie, Mercy will learn a secret about herself and that blood really is thicker than water.

Secret Keeper (My Myth Trilogy – Book 2): Young Adult Fantasy Novel

What if the worst thing isn't that they don't believe you?

by Jane Alvey Harris

Secret Keeper is the second part of the My Myth trilogy, and this astonishingly insightful and moving YA fantasy novel takes us even deeper into the painful reality of Emily’s existence. If you thought that the first novel in this young adult trilogy was moving, fascinating, unique and powerful… just wait and see what lies between the pages of this remarkable sequel to the first psychological thriller.

Wolves Among Sheep: A Suspense Novel

A Novel Introducing U.S. Marshal Jack Monroe

by Steven Pajak

Michael Monroe had a perfect life … until Robert Elliott Lang decided to destroy him.

Michael has it all: a fulfilling career as a university administrator, a loving family, a beautiful home … even a thrilling affair on the side. Then a disgruntled employee sends a devastating e-mail to thousands university students and co-workers, and Michael’s hard-won reputation goes up in flames. Hours later, his wife is reminded of the affair, and his marriage breaks apart. By nightfall he’s in handcuffs – under arrest and alone.

Robert Elliott Lang – the disgruntled employee – has targeted Michael Monroe, an innocent family man, for crazy reasons all his own. He’s a compulsive liar, a twisted genius, a sociopath – and he is determined to make Michael Monroe suffer. In a matter of hours, Lang manipulates Michael’s lover, shatters his reputation, and turns his wife against him. And he’s just getting started.

Michael is forced to turn to his brother Jack, a retired U.S. Marshal with problems of his own, but they can’t stop the evil force of nature that is Robert Elliott Lang. Within hours, the people Michael loves begin to fall. All too soon, one is in a coma; another is being stalked. And then people begin to die.

Can Michael and Jack end Lang’s insane assault? How many will die before the wolf among the sheep can be stopped? Or can he be stopped at all?

Enter the world of Robert Elliott Lang. You’ll be lucky to leave alive.

My Forbidden Lovers: Dream Lovers

My Forbidden Lovers: Dream Lovers

by Candy Varty

Meg McClair was a beautiful young girl who had her whole life ahead of her. She and her parents lived in Terry, Montana. It was a small community full of Cattlemen. They had a large sheep herd which most of the ranchers hated. Meg was twenty-four with long flowing red hair and the brightest blue eyes; she was a curvy lass who never saw herself as being attractive. 
Tyson, a rogue vampire who was a Dom. As his erection pressed against his leather pants, he hissed. “Mine.” Tyson didn’t know who this human female was, but he knew he had to claim her, possess her in every way. 
Zee, The dragon shifted and soon a tall, six foot six man stood where the dragon had been, his black hair and emerald green eyes shined. He was two seventy in weight with wide massive shoulders, larger than any humans. His naked body tanned by the sun, he had the signs of a five o’clock shadow that trimmed his square jaw. 

Tyson and Zee, both wanted her, needed her, they were ready to claim her now. All they needed to do was wait until night fall and slip into her dreams and bring her back to the Badlands Caves where they would ravish her mind and body.

The Cocktail Bar – A Romantic Comedy

The Cocktal Bar

by Isabella May 

Rock star, River Jackson, is back in his hometown of Glastonbury to open a cocktail bar… and the locals aren’t impressed.

Seductive Georgina is proving too hot to handle; band mate, Angelic Alice, is messing with his heart and his head; his mum is a hippie-dippy liability; his school friends have resorted to violence – oh, and his band manager, Lennie, AND the media are on his trail.

But River is armed with a magical Mexican elixir which will change the lives of the Three Chosen Ones. Once the Mexican wave of joy takes a hold of the town, he’s glad he didn’t lose his proverbial bottle.

Pity he hasn’t taken better care of the real one…

The Spatial Shard: Prelude to the Edgeworld Series – A Young Adult Fantasy

by G. Russell Gaynor

You’re on your board. And whether you are a Barney or a Marley, the wave is coming…

That used to be Genie’s mantra. Little did she know that the wave would literally take her out of this world. Now, faced with a new life, unbelievable dimensions and unexpected dangers, she’s got to pull off the ride of her life, or wipe out.

The prelude to the EdgeWorld series serves as an introduction both to the new world Genie finds and the plight that has found her.

An American teenager living in Bolivia with her father and younger brother, Genie was trying her best to take care of her family in the wake of her mother’s death. But that was before she crashed headfirst into the curious stranger and her whole world turned upside down. Now new possibilities, good and bad, await her at every turn, but she cannot allow concerns of the outcome affect how she rides – surf’s up!

Her Gilded Dragon: A Norse Warrior Romance

by Susannah Shannon

After she is forced to flee her kingdom with the aid of aloyal general, Princess Hanne of Vastra begins a long, arduous journey to thefrozen lands far to the north, where she will be married to Jonis the Gilded,the famed warrior who defends the great fortress of Pinnacle Keep.

Though Hanne is intimidated by his fearsome reputation, uponreaching her destination she is put at ease by Jonis’ good humor and amazed bythe pleasure his skilled, dominant lovemaking brings her on their weddingnight. But when she challenges his authority, the beautiful young princessquickly learns the hard way that her new husband will not hesitate to bare herbottom and spank her until she is tearful and repentant.

To Hanne’s surprise, the stern chastisement merely increasesher desire for Jonis, and soon their lust for one another has grown into apassionate love. But when the foes who drove her from her own land threatenHanne’s new home, will Jonis’ skill in battle prove sufficient to protect thewoman he loves or will the ancient power that burns in his blood be his onlyhope to save her?

Publisher’s Note: Her Gilded Dragon includes spankings andsexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

About the Author

I live in the American midwest with my family. I write romances that are funny(well, I try). I love the inner conflict of a smart, modern, independent woman who longs to submit to that one special man.

Amazon Best Seller

Other Books by Author

Cass Nelson has gotten used to blizzards, wolves, and being an outsider in Slicktrench, Alaska. While she couldn’t be happier in her marriage to Killian, the unexpected arrival of a surprising package is a potent reminder that her marriage isn’t like the relationships her girlfriends have. She might not understand this whole submissive wife business, but she does understand that she can’t imagine living a life without the strong man she adores, even if (or is it because?) he lights up her bottom on a regular basis.

Busy with helping to run the lodge and posting on her very popular blog, her life tips upside down when she has to deal with her brother-in-law, who is marrying a woman nobody likes, and an IRS auditor who’s nosing around the lodge. Just when Cass has decided that the best way to ensure a happy marriage is to surrender her own dreams, she is offered her own TV show. Her decision to not share this information with her husband will cause all sorts of reverberations.

Will wedding bells ring, and is that howling coming from the wolves outside or the woman inside when her husband discovers that his precious wife is holding back her own secrets?

The Sylvans and the Ylberian Jewel

by Ilias I. Sellountos

For 10 of our calendar years, but many more uniquely their own, Ystala and Ystasa Sylvan have dwelled in a Dreamworld. The twins have shared it with friends who have grown closer than siblings. When their sanctuary is destroyed, their protectors await to take them to the Lighthouse.

They are children of five different races (and even more ancestries), of a universe splintered in two by the Cataclysm eleven and a half thousand years ago; one half is where the Earth we know lies; while the other half-cosmos is immersed in an additional force of nature that we would only call “Μagic.”

Together they must face a world where blood means much, much more.

They must solve the mystery behind their fragmented memories, rekindle relationships centuries in the making and search for the truths that bound them to the Dreamworld in the first place.

They must see through the secrets and lies that govern even their other, wondrous (side of the) Earth, and face numerous threats and a deadly and relentless adversary.

Together they must get to the mystery behind the Cataclysm.

Together they must seek the Ylberian Jewel.

Dance of Unexpected Love Dancers Curse of Love Series Book 1

Stanley Thomas and Gloria Parker live to dance. Every time they cross the floor, judges laud and critics are silenced.

They are destined to be the greatest dancers of this generation until tragedy strikes. An accident among good friends breaks Stanley’s heart, and he walks away from the glory and the dance.

Years pass and Stanley tries for a new life in a small town, but fate clearly has other ideas. Is it destiny? A curse? Is there something stronger than tragedy in this sleepy little town?

As the music starts again and the dance returns, will Stanley and Gloria have the strength together to face whatever comes, or will they simply be swept into a routine that will devour them both?

Cold Case In Cape May (Novella – Izzy Series Book 3)

by Susan Parker Rosen

What starts out for Izzy Brooke as an enjoyable trip to the very popular tourist destination Cape May NJ, Izzy and her childhood friend Dee make a grim discovery. This revelation destines to change Izzy’s life forever. She and Dee quickly become sleuths attempting to solve the ‘Double Initial Murders’ from their late teens. Izzy sacrifices more than she can cope with and Dee avenges her best friend by acting on clues. Ethel the Pug gets involved in this adventurous caper that will have you chuckling as well as crying in this two-part Novella. The second part of the story is set in Long Neck Delaware. It is a section of numerous waterfront communities, located on the Indian River Bay that is filled to the brim with manufactured homes

The Triplet’s Curse – Hope’s Story

bMarsha Black

When the moon is full
High above the Earth
Three daughters shall be born
On their 16th birthday, their destiny will begin
One daughter, born with the knowledge of the future, yet blind of those closest to her

As Hope’s 16th birthday nears, weird things happen. Then on the night of her 16th birthday, she awakens with a scream. An unbelievable nightmare becomes her reality, and she questions her sanity.

Bryce, a new guy in town, arrives to help.

In order to survive, three must work as one, or all is lost.

Will Hope learn to use her ability in time?

Death Most Wicked (The Devil’s Due Collection)

by Suzi Albracht

Death Most Wicked 
The Devil’s Due Collection – Book 1

When highly-decorated Homicide Detective Mikael Ruskoff takes the case, all he knows is that a man is snatching and murdering young girls… very young girls. He soon finds out that the perpetrator is quite adept at hiding his crimes and the girls. So adept that there are very few leads or clues and no trails to follow.

To make matters worse, his long-absent father, Dimitri Ivanovitch, reappears, demanding Mikael’s loyalty. Even as Mikael refuses to accept Ivanovitch as his father, he finds out that his father is evil incarnate. 

Soon, Mikael discovers just how hell-bent Ivanovitch is about Mikael joining him in his vile affairs. Threats are made against Mikael’s family and his friends by his father’s henchman. Then his mother, who has been secretive on the subject of his father, confesses that everything his father claims is true, and that means the threats are real. 

Now Mikael’s life is pure hell. All he knows is that he has to stop the child murders and somehow keep his family safe from the evil hands of his father. But young girls keep turning up dead, and his partner seemingly commits suicide. Then, after Mikael’s mother suffers a stroke that paralyzes her, a murderer enters her hospital room and kills her. Mikael is stunned, he had been sure she would be safe in the hospital. Then he finds out his father’s henchman killed his partner and staged the suicide. Suddenly, he realizes who his father will go after next… his wife and young son.

Can Mikael keep his family safe until he can find a way to send his father away forever? And can he catch the elusive child murderer before he strikes again?


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