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20th of July ’18

It’s Friday, it’s sunny, and I am currently working on some last nitty-gritties of Episode 6 of The Missing Shield.

‘So what’s the deal with The Missing Shield?’, I’ve been asked recently. It seems that some people have been a little confused by the fact that each episode does not finish per se, but rather leads directly onto the next.

Well, it’s simple, really. I wanted to apply a different concept to publishing, and so I decided to split the book, crucially not into ‘volumes’ but ‘episodes’.

I suppose you could look at it little like a tv series in a book format: so where the story finishes on a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of one episode, it will carry on in the next. Simple.

However, this does not mean that each episode cannot be read as a taster and indeed I have included a ‘The Story So Far’ in each.

Yet, of course, if you want answers, or if you wish to see where the intrigue goes, then you’ll simply have to read the next episodes. 😉

Happy reading! Have a great weekend, all!

Background info:

The Missing Shield is the intended forerunner to The Veil Keepers Quest series. It is epic fantasy, it gets surprisingly dark and gritty in places, but it also revolves around friendship, love, and duty, all of which will be put to the test as the events draw you deeper into the rabbit hole.

The early chapters set the scene for the greater story, the following chapters deal with the more personal aspects/adventures of the main characters. Read it and enjoy the imagery evoked – and please rest assured that even if you feel the need, please do not think too much about anything – just dive in and allow yourself to float alone.

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