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30th of June ’18

As a 100% indie author, I thought I’d researched all and everything in regards to going it alone. I reckoned that if I was going to ‘do this’, I wanted to put my name to it all, including the imprint and ISBN – I mean, my hard work, so why not?

Still, I got this interesting little email the other day that suddenly made me think that maybe – just maybe – I might have made a mistake! See the email was from ALDL – otherwise known as the Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries.

Basically, I was very kindly and respectfully asked to deposit 5x copies of my book, A Change of Rules, episode 1 of The Missing Shield, in accordance with the legal requirements, free of charge, and to be delivered no later than one month after the receipt of said request.


Part of me cannot argue with the awesome idea of protecting all UK published works ‘for eternity’ as a kind of National Treasure for the future – but… but… but…

All books? Really? I see the dilemma – if not all books who would determine which book to include and which not to? What holds merit to one person does not to another, but again… ALL books?

I have visions of a Warehouse13/Indiana Jones Raider’s of the Lost Ark storage unit with crates and crates of wisened books that are never seen and yet they have to be stored.

Why not request that a book sells at least 100 copies before a request is deemed necessary? Oh well, I don’t make the rules, but I do feel split.

The bookworm in me loves it, whilst the brassic author/publisher in charge (AKA me) cringes. This is one law that my research did sadly not include and sure, it’s my own oversight, but nevertheless, I can guarantee that I would not have split The Missing Shield into 13 episodes If I had known (Lol, come on … the maths do not look good!)

Anyway, this is just a little heads up to any other UK writers out there. Check out the link – because I wish I had 😉

Have a great weekend!


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