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31st of July ’18

Sometimes it’s nice to know you are on the right track…

This one just in for episode 1 of ‘The Missing Shield’!

5* on Amazon.com (Verified Purchase)

“Every page of this book kept me guessing, and I found myself unable to put it down! Truly a wonderful read and escape! This is a great high fantasy setting, and I loved the immense world filled with mystery and magic the author created.

I could really immerse myself in the story and follow along with the characters on their journey. I loved the number of strong, female characters, especially.

The writing is wonderful, and world building perfect. If you are in the mood for a great, high fantasy story, with a great cast of characters, this is it.

Highly recommend!”

🙂 Get your copy on https://www.amazon.com/L.-L.-Thomsen/…



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