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A work in progress. The drafting of The Masters of Dark Desires: Master Z *book 2*

Book 2 of The Master of Dark Desires – Master Zane

The book has been rough drafted and the actual writing of the story will happen next week.

There will be lots of surprises in this book.

and it will open up the beginning of the 3rd book Master Roland

New characters will be introduced and Anna and Vic’s Story will continue on in this book. 

Detective Zane Greyson also known as Master Z found himself in love with the beautiful Erica, but her past could destroy all they have worked to overcome, When her family steps in demanding she return home with them and marry the man they have chosen can Zane swallow his fears and step up and prove to her his love or will he let her go and watch her walk away from him forever.

Cover art for The Masters of Dark Desires: Master Z will be released next month. 

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Candy has been a Farmer / Rancher most of her life. Her love of animals and nature have been a big part of her upbringing. Her mother has been one of her biggest supporters in everything she does. When she is not wrangling up livestock she devotes much of her time to writing and singing. She is a cancer survivor of almost 19 years. She takes part in her towns local Farmers Market. She has a love for Singing, Dance, and Theater. Performing has been in blood since grade school. She is passionate, kind, caring and would give the shirt off her back to anyone in need.

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