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Congratulations, Ma’am, It’s a Book Tour!

It’s official and starts on Monday, July 16th through July 23rd. Sponsored by the Historical Fiction Virtual Book Blog and Passages to the Past FB page, book blogger and book promoter, Amy Bruno. Visit the book blog tour for the links to each blog along the journey and to sign up for the contest to win one of two signed hardcover copies of the novel “Blood and Ink.” Thanks to everyone who is supporting me on this journey and to all the tweet, FB, and blog followers! See you on the blog road!! Link: http://hfvirtualbooktours.com/bloodandinkblogtour/

Prehistoric Crisis: DinoRule Region of Jungle

We continue our journey of DinoRule to the region of Junglona or the jungle region according to the natives who live in the area. The natives are known as Junglonians which roughly translates to jungle people in their tongue. Here, for the most part, the natives live in modest huts. As seen above, the leaders and elders live in clay/brick keeps. The region of Junglona is rather hot and humid all year long. The summers tend to be rather humid while the winters the humidity tends to be a bit lower. Natives don’t mind the heat and humidity because there tends to be a regular dosage of rain yearly. The rain keeps the grass green and the trees with all their leaves. Drought is the last thing the residents of the jungle region have to worry about. The people in Junglona tend to be more dow...

SEO: A Seller’s Mindset

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are a simple seller, working in a small bookstore. In this instance, we’d like to think that you’re not hiding behind your desk, playing Minesweeper, and waiting for your buyers to come to you! As any successful businessperson will tell you, the world of sales is a dynamic, proactive and consistent one, which requires your absolute attention, and the ability to constantly be one step ahead. In order to sell a book to your next visitor, you have to not only meet his or her needs, but you also have to give them a tantalising glimpse of the product experience they are hoping for. Entice them, tempt them, make them feel drawn to all you have to offer. In order to increase your chances of success, you have to turn all of your senses on, and carefully measure ...