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Congratulations, Ma’am, It’s a Book Tour!

It’s official and starts on Monday, July 16th through July 23rd. Sponsored by the Historical Fiction Virtual Book Blog and Passages to the Past FB page, book blogger and book promoter, Amy Bruno. Visit the book blog tour for the links to each blog along the journey and to sign up for the contest to win one of two signed hardcover copies of the novel “Blood and Ink.” Thanks to everyone who is supporting me on this journey and to all the tweet, FB, and blog followers! See you on the blog road!! Link: http://hfvirtualbooktours.com/bloodandinkblogtour/

Prehistoric Crisis: DinoRule Region of Jungle

We continue our journey of DinoRule to the region of Junglona or the jungle region according to the natives who live in the area. The natives are known as Junglonians which roughly translates to jungle people in their tongue. Here, for the most part, the natives live in modest huts. As seen above, the leaders and elders live in clay/brick keeps. The region of Junglona is rather hot and humid all year long. The summers tend to be rather humid while the winters the humidity tends to be a bit lower. Natives don’t mind the heat and humidity because there tends to be a regular dosage of rain yearly. The rain keeps the grass green and the trees with all their leaves. Drought is the last thing the residents of the jungle region have to worry about. The people in Junglona tend to be more dow...

Fancy a Fantasy? #3 – a book buying event

Join the fun today with our 3rd fantasy/sci-fi at 15:00 EDT Authors of these genres post your links and buy https://web.facebook.com/jolsclub/ Other members pop over and support fellow authors https://web.facebook.com/jolsclub/

The Best Digital Sales Strategy For Publishers

When it comes to selling books on Amazon, publishers mostly think about opportunities. Recent surveys have suggested that more than 5 million titles are available exclusively on the Kindle platform. 5 million+! Best-seller lists are dominated by the Big 5 publishers, which is why getting a strong publishing deal usually results in automatic high rankings on Amazon. Small publishing houses and self-published authors simply can’t compete, especially when one bears in mind the substantial advertising budgets and VIP seats secured for best sellers in the books section. In order to be a successful publisher on Amazon, one has to utilize the full gamut of benefits and tools available, and not simply count on Amazon’s help. After all, when it comes down to it, Amazon is primarily focused on: Cust...

An Old Book, a New Best-seller! 

It’s often said that it can’t be done… but anything is possible if you have a brutal seller’s mindset. Bear in mind that every book is a product. Whether it’s a new releases, an old book, a 50-page story, an 800-page epic, fiction, or nonfiction… they all have something in common when it comes to Amazon. As far as Amazon’s search engines are concerned, all of these books are just other products and their ID is – from their point of view – just a unique ASIN. Neither age, nor gender, nor history matters. All that matters is how well a certain ASIN is likely to sell. So many authors have published their works expecting their books on Amazon to somehow sell themselves, and even possibly appear on Amazon’s top chart – oh, to have such confidence must be a wonderful thing! With some books havin...

How to Self-Publish a Book with KDP

Self-publishing through your website has several benefits, but it is appealing for authors who would like to share their book with new readers to self-publish on Amazon’s Kindle store since Amazon has a massive audience. It can be challenging to publish for Kindle, especially when it comes to getting the reader to find your book. Amazon has millions of books online, and it keeps growing every day. However, that doesn’t mean that your book will be invisible. But the good news is that self-publishing has become easy nowadays, and it has many benefits. When you have the book and its cover, then uploading is free, fast and impressive. You won’t pay anything to Amazon, though you will incur some costs in preparing it correctly. The book will go live worldwide in about 12 – 24 hours. With Amazon...