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Giant Bookworm Challenge!

Giant Bookworm Challenge!

If you consider yourself to be a Bookworm, then this is the place to be. We are looking for the Biggest Bookworms on this planet. The Biggest Bookworm Challenge is open to readers only – sorry authors but this is a way we can show our appreciation to readers because there are prizes to be won.

The Biggest Bookworm Challenge will consist of two rounds:-

1. The Bookworm Qualifying Round. – Bookwormers apply and explain the reasons why they should be considered to be our Giant Bookworm Champion

2.The Final Round will consist of reading tasks and games

WHAT’S UP FOR GRABS? Well, how about some CASH to buy books? The entire list of prizes is still work in progress but the GIANT bookworm will receive more than a $300 in prizes!


1. Join www.jolsclub.com
2. Request a membership for a GIANT Bookworm Challenge group
3. Tell us why should you become our first GIANT Bookworm Champion (make the post in the group)

This is going to be fun! Authors from our website will vote for you be liking your post. Best 20 posts will advance to the Finals where you’ll meet authors and their special tasks. Don’t worry, it’s going to be really fun and all you have to do is – READ! You’ll just have to read as the GIANT bookworm!

Also, this is readers-only contest and authors with published works can’t take this challenge! Authors have a very different role in this challenge so they should also have some fun 🙂

The qualifying round ends on August 5th! Let’s get this Challenge going 🙂

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  1. Is this open to Alberta Canada

    • Yes it is 🙂

  2. Is this open to the UK?

    • Yes!


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