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Hidden Secrets: Returning Home Kindle Edition ( $0.99)

https://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Secrets-Returning-Candy-Varty-ebook/dp/B01FPQMD7G) ********

In the year 1362,

Three brothers sail from Italy back to Ireland, they have been gone for almost four years. The brothers are a top the deck looking out over the sea. Aiden stands with one foot upon the edge of the deck, he held on to one of the ship’s lines in his left hand, The breeze from the sea blows about, softly spaying seawater onto the ship’s deck. Rylee looks at Aiden.

“You seem lost in thought brother.”

Aiden glances to Rylee “It shows”he grins “She is all I have thought about since we hit open water.”

“I know”, Rylee looks down to the water below “I have done the same, Tara is in my every thought.” he sighs. “I just hope she is even now mine.”

Devon walks over from the front of the ship “What are you two moaning about?” he laughs “You know damn well the girls are still there waiting for us.”

Aiden let go the ship’s line to face Devon. “I hope you’re right” sighs and shakes his head “We’ve been gone for a long time. I wouldn’t blame her if she moved on” he narrowed his eyes “But I pray she waited.”

Devon placed his hand on Aiden’s shoulder. He looked hopeful at his older brother. “What we did, we did to defend our people, the Order we joined will help better things, we are Scarlet Knights, and that will never change.”

Devon motioned for Rylee to join them and he placed his other hand on his little brother’s shoulder. “We made a vow to serve and protect, we fight for freedom, for everyone. What we did, we did too defend the ones we love.” he grins “remember.” Rylee looks out over the water, “Look, our village is in sight. Soon we will be home,” he laughs.

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Candy has been a Farmer / Rancher most of her life. Her love of animals and nature have been a big part of her upbringing. Her mother has been one of her biggest supporters in everything she does. When she is not wrangling up livestock she devotes much of her time to writing and singing. She is a cancer survivor of almost 19 years. She takes part in her towns local Farmers Market. She has a love for Singing, Dance, and Theater. Performing has been in blood since grade school. She is passionate, kind, caring and would give the shirt off her back to anyone in need.

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