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House Under the Hill – released 15th June 2018

Historical novel based in Edwardian times and the 1950s. 

The story of Hudson Ewbanke Kearley Liberal MP and millionaire who built a mansion on the HIraethog moor in the 1890s. Hudson entertained important guests at the house such as WWI Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, the Prince of Wales and the First Governor General of Ireland, Tim Healey. But after the war, the house fell into decline and was abandoned by the mid-1950s. It is now a ruin, and beyond repair. My interest in the ruin, after living near it in the 1970-80s, led to researching and writing this short historical novel of 62k words. Locals call the house haunted, but there are few that know the real story. My aim was to give people the opportunity to go back in time and experience the house as it was in its heyday.

The novel is available on Amazon: 

UK site https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07CZS3WTV 

US site: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CZS3WTV

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Born in Rochdale, we moved to Wales in 1979 and I have lived there for most of my life. As well as doing many menial jobs, I have been a single-parent, civil servant, and was a teacher for 16 years. Also have a Masters in Creative Writing and Publishing from the University of Chester, which I loved doing. I've now escaped to the wilds of Scotland. As well as writing, I love reading, cycling, hiking, nature, and gaming. Check out my website for a varied blog, book reviews, information, and excerpts from my work in progress. rachelvknox.wordpress.com

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