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Prehistoric Crisis (Dinosaur Horror/Fantasy)

The 'working title' will be "DinoRule", of course you guys are free to give me better titles. It will have a MC named Stephen from the UK who will be traveling to South Africa for a trip into the wilderness as he was invited by a scientist that he is friends with. However, when he gets down a scared area in the southern most part he sees that it's filled with dinosaurs. Stephen, who is big on dinosaurs is marveled by the different types of dinosaurs. When he goes to see his friend, he finds out that the dinosaurs had made a comeback many years ago. Due to the remote nature of the land, there was little human interaction. At least that is the theory, however Stephen believes that uncharted territory is actually a mythical land where dinosaurs and humans actually get along. To make the long story short, a horde of rogue dinosaurs attack the research station where Stephen's friend works at. With a functional city not too far, Stephen must stop the horde from killing the reseachers and breaking into the next major city in South Africa. Once the threat is contained, Stephen learns that he is correct and the land that he saw the dinosaurs is a mythical land known as DinoRule that is much more mysterious than even the most remote locations in the world.


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"Approach everything with a careful tongue" - Elder God from The Thousand Years War Book

Angel Ramon


Angel Ramon's Q and A Session

Hey guys here is the Q and A video with yours truly. I'll answer some questions some of you have asked me and others that you might find to be interesting. If you have any more questions to ask feel free to ask in the comments section. No personal questions allowed and none will be answer. Thanks and Enjoy!

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Angel Ramon

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Meet Angel Medina Founder of the Hybrid Nation and author of The Thousand Years War Series. He's in his mid-Twenties and is from Brooklyn, New York. He currently resides in Salinas, Puerto Rico. He is a very ambitious young man with a love to write so powerful that sometimes he gets no sleep. He is also a very talented medium and can see things a normal human is unable to see! However that doesn't bother him at all, he feels that sleep is for old and dead people. He is a hardcore science Fiction writer and occasional horror writer. His story of a being a writer is a rather long one. He has had the idea of the Thousand Years War series for over 10+ years since he was in junior high school. He has always loved to write compelling stories, even if it wasn't for school assignments, Angel was an A student in creative writing. However, with life being so fast-paced for Angel, he didn't get much of a chance to work on his series. That is until he met a girl named Maria who inspired him to give writing another chance with her poetry, they eventually got together. Despite the distance of residence, they are still together and stronger than ever. His advice to aspiring authors, you have an idea just write the damn thing and forget about the critics. Angel has had a hard childhood as well, living basically poor most of his life, but with caring and loving parents. Despite never attending college as he had to work right after school to help his parents, Angel is an excellent story teller as seen on his review of his works. Just like he was told not too long ago by a fellow author in the nation, he is a man on a mission!


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