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Hidden Secrets: Marked For Death

Book 3 of the Hidden Secrets Series takes us on a journey with the Hawke Brothers as they face off with a new enemy. And the return of their father. More weddings and a battle to save the life of their oldest brother Aiden. How can things go from bad to worse in just a short time. Come along and find out. Hear the swords clash, the battle cry of the Assassins as they take on the new enemy. Marked for Death will hold many secrets and new Villains who will threaten the happiness and lives of all who are connected to the Hawk Brothers, A new character family will be introduced Mr & Mrs Peter Vaisey, Peter and his wife Lynn and their 3 children have traveled from Nottingham, England to Ireland. Hoping to start a better life and new hope for all. Marked for Death will take the Hawke Brothers farther into the Slavers path and a old enemy returns at the worst time..A wedding. There will be 2 weddings in this book along with a new enemy makes herself known. The Scarlet Knights have created a new stronger village and should withstand what ever is to come.


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My Forbidden lovers: Dream Lovers

Meg McClair was a beautiful young girl who had her whole life ahead of her. She and her parents lived in Terry, Montana. It was a small community full of Cattlemen. They had a large sheep herd which most of the ranchers hated. Meg was twenty-four with long flowing red hair and the brightest blue eyes; she was a curvy lass who never saw herself as being attractive. Tyson, a rogue vampire who was a Dom. "Mine." Tyson didn't know who this human female was, but he knew he had to claim her, possess her in every way. Zee, The dragon shifted and soon a tall, six foot six man stood where the dragon had been, his black hair and emerald green eyes shined. He was two seventy in weight with wide massive shoulders, larger than any humans. His naked body tanned by the sun, he had the signs of a five o'clock shadow that trimmed his square jaw. Tyson and Zee, both wanted her, needed her, they were ready to claim her now. All they needed to do was wait until night fall and slip into her dreams and bring her back to the Badlands Caves where they would ravish her mind and body.

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Candy Ann Varty


Candy has been a Farmer / Rancher most of her life. Her love of animals and nature have been a big part of her upbringing. Her mother has been one of her biggest supporters in everything she does. When she is not wrangling up livestock she devotes much of her time to writing and singing. She is a cancer survivor of almost 19 years. She takes part in her towns local Farmers Market. She has a love for Singing, Dance, and Theater. Performing has been in blood since grade school. She is passionate, kind, caring and would give the shirt off her back to anyone in need. Her first book took her 3 years to write and have published.


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