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I read / played a lot of gamebooks as a kid -- Fighting Fantasy, Blood Sword, Lone Wolf, Choose Your Own Adventure, Way of the Tiger, and many others. They appealed to me as both a reader and a gamer. I loved being able to choose, to make decisions and see the plot unfold in response. So, I figured I'd take a shot at creating one. In the digital age, ebooks can essentially be as long as you want. That gives writers of interactive novels so much freedom to have their stories branch, and to give each passage as much depth as feels appropriate. This particular novel places the reader in the role of Marcus Kyron, a boy born in the eponymous city of Kharsalus -- where humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, and goblins live together under the Tyrant's rule. Countless possible futures await you. The decisions you make will shape your life. They'll determine your destiny. You might become a lawyer, a bard, a priest, an alcoholic, or a murderer. The project's scope does daunt me at times. The diagram in the picture maps out the first phase of the novel. That part's already plotted, written, and edited into a fairly decent state. It comes to around 150,000 words. But that might end up representing less than half the finished book. I'm currently plotting out the next stage, over a series of additional flowcharts. Each of the blue shapes you see at the edges of the diagram branch out across those other charts, as the story continues based on the choices the reader's made up to that point. There are so many ways things can go. And so many ways they can end. Choice and consequence. Happiness and horror. Life and death. Welcome to Kharsalus.


"...the game in general seems to have a wanton disregard for human life." [This remains one of my favourite quotes about my work.]

TV Tropes page for Legacy of a Thousand Suns


Puppet Ad for Jihad Squad

Professor Hans Von Puppet promotes my graphic novel, Jihad Squad.

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Ibrahim S. Amin

Ibrahim S. Amin was educated at the Manchester Grammar School, the University of Newcastle, and the University of Manchester. He wallowed in education for as long as he could, earning his PhD in Classics & Ancient History. At that point he ran out of excuses and joined the real world — where he now writes to support his unhealthy takeaway addiction.


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