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Prehistoric Crisis: DinoRule Region of Fire

Prehistoric Crisis: DinoRule Region of Fire

The picture above shows the entrance to the fire temple that houses the fire sage of DinoRule. The temple is located in Mount Phoenicia in the region of Phoenicia.

Phoenicia is perhaps the biggest and one of the most prosperous regions of DinoRule. The locals live in modest clay homes that have stood the test of time since DinoRule was founded. The richest residents live in marble villas that match the beauty of the ancient Roman Empire. There is a market where travelers can buy weapons and upgrades. A tavern is also there along with an inn so those same travelers can get some rest and a good night sleep.

Phoenicia tends to have a bit of a bad name for itself as it tends to charge more for their goods. Many people are willing to go halfway across DinoRule to other regions to avoid paying the so-called ‘Rich man’s tax’. While a bundle of arrows could cost only 20 blue crystals in other regions, in Phoenicia they could charge up to 15 green crystals which are considerably harder to find and only the middle class tend to have green crystals in large quantities.

As a result, the residents of Phoenicia tend to give ethically questionable quests to poor travelers who are in desperate need of cash. However, not every resident of the area is greedy and selfish. The blacksmith contrary to popular belief is actually a rather nice man and is willing to cut travelers a break.

Just like the other regions, all the residents have dinosaurs that they raise. However, due to the nature of the town, residents are only allowed to have baby raptors or baby pterodactyls. Once they get too big, they must be released onto DinoRule field. As a result, true dinosaur breeders or people who love their dinosaurs will rarely be found in Phoenicia.

Phoenicia does a graveyard and a forest behind it, but we’ll be going to the higher elevations and head up Mount Phoenicia.

When one goes up Mount Phoenicia, they are greeted by pterodactyls and the baryonyx species. The Baryonyxs are like the other smaller species, but they are built to withstand the rough terrain and are able to walk the trail with ease. They tend to be rather aggressive as well against anyone who tries to climb the trail.

The older residents of Phoenicia tend to worry about Mount Phoenicia because the top of the mountain is where a volcano is located. It hasn’t erupted in over 500-600 years, but the old wise men worry that if an evil force does take over it can revive the volcano and spread destruction to DinoRule. The last eruption caused massive damage, the saving grace was that DinoRule was only in its genesis of being a realm.

Many brave travelers fight through the aggressive dinosaurs and tough terrain to get to the top. At the top of Mount Phoenicia, there is the volcano that still has the lava at the surface. Within the core of the volcano, temperatures can reach above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, people are warned that they have to have a special armor that can withstand the high temperatures. In the middle of the trail, there is a small cave town where residents live. It’s called the town of Vulcan, named after the Roman God of fire.

Within the town, this special armor can be obtained for a price of course. The people tend to be raised in a rough environment, but unlike their neighbors at sea level, the people here are much more welcoming. Once the traveler obtains the special armor, he/she can enter the top of the trail and enter the core of the volcano.

The biggest attraction is the fire temple that is in the core of the volcano. The funny thing is due to the construction of the temple during the period of inactivity, the temperature in the temple tends to be rather cool. However, there are rooms in the temple that can exceed what is considered safe for a human so keeping the special armor is strongly recommended.

There are rooms of the temple that have no floor and instead are covered in lava. The center of the temple is about 200 ft above the core, falling through will cause instant death. Within the temple, there are more Baryonyxs and bats that are covered in fire. It’s recommended for travelers to have a strong metal sheild as wooden shields will catch fire and burn. As one gets deeper in the temple, there will be Ankylosauruses that are rather intimdating and rather tough to defeat.

Their backs are filled with spikes that protect them from many normal attacks. So one must get creative. They can also breathe fire as well to their victims burning them alive. Another form of attack for them is to roll into a ball and roll into the victim, puncturing them with its spikes. They love the heat, so getting them to fall in the lava will not help.

If the traveler survives the entire temple and makes it to the patron room, they will meet the great dinosaur of the fire region. The great dinosaur is Tyro the Microraptor.

Tyro has four wings and is a fire-breathing dinosaur. It lives in the lava, so touching it even as soft as a tap will burn the traveler. It can fly down and slash their claws at the traveler. Tyro can also use its wings to disrupt the room and cause the rocks to fall in the circular arena. Its head is made out of steel, so the hammer of the fire region must be obtained to break through the steelhead. Once Tyro is defeated and the evil in the fire temple has been defeated, the sage of fire will come out of the Chamber of Sages.

The sage of fire is named Hondo, he was a traveler that single-handedly evacuated the residents of Phoenicia to safety when the volcano erupted. He was rewarded by the sage of light by becoming the sage of fire. Hondo is a rather timid sage despite being the sage of fire. He grants Stephen the fire arrow upgrade to his bow and grants him the fireball spell for the staff of light. Hondo also grants Stephen, the Bolero of Fire warp ability where Stephen can warp to the top of Mount Phoenicia anytime he wishes provided he has the mana to do so.

The fire temple can be accessed once Stephen clears the light region. Rauru will give Stephen the choice of tackling the fire or jungle temple first. Depending on Stephen’s decision, this could be the first elemental temple or second temple he tackles. Of course, Rauru will recommend to him that he tackles the Jungle temple first, but he can go to the fire temple. This decision will affect Stephen if he chooses to go to the fire temple first because he won’t have a certain item that will make it easier and one that can only be obtained in the Jungle temple.

If this is the first temple tackled, the Jungle is next. If Stephen follows Rauru’s advice, then the wind temple will be the next temple for him to tackle.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the fire region of DinoRule. More posts for the other regions will come in the coming days!

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