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Prehistoric Crisis: DinoRule Region of Jungle

Prehistoric Crisis: DinoRule Region of Jungle

We continue our journey of DinoRule to the region of Junglona or the jungle region according to the natives who live in the area. The natives are known as Junglonians which roughly translates to jungle people in their tongue. Here, for the most part, the natives live in modest huts. As seen above, the leaders and elders live in clay/brick keeps.

The region of Junglona is rather hot and humid all year long. The summers tend to be rather humid while the winters the humidity tends to be a bit lower. Natives don’t mind the heat and humidity because there tends to be a regular dosage of rain yearly. The rain keeps the grass green and the trees with all their leaves. Drought is the last thing the residents of the jungle region have to worry about.

The people in Junglona tend to be more down to earth compared to those in Phoenicia. With the looser and liberal attitude, the residents here tend to breed their dinosaurs and keep them even as adults. With the amount of open space, there is plenty of room for the dinosaur raised to grow and live in harmony. Despite the amount of open space close to the great tree of Junglona, the main attraction of the region is the area known as the “Lost Jungle”.

The Lost Jungle is like any jungle except that it’s very easy to get lost in and it’s easy to find yourself dying. The heat and humidity are enough to keep the trees living and is enough to kill those who are ill-prepared to trek. Within the jungle, there are a few dinosaur types that are specific to the region.

First, you have the Megalosaurus, which is a smaller version of the legendary T-Rex. Despite the smaller size, these dinosaurs are still formidable and are dangerous foes. Another type of dinosaur that can be found inside is the Quetzalcoatlus, which is the Junglona version of the flying Pterodactyl that can be found in DinoRule field. However, the beak of the Quetzalcoatlus is extremely long and is capable of grabbing anything without having to touch down. Its wingspan is about the same as a Pterodactyl.

There are some non-dinosaur creatures as well such as the Venus flytrap that are man-eating plants. Also, there is the South African Hedgehog that is rather rare in the Earthrealm. They can attack with their spiky backs. While damage from a single hedgehog is minimal, they usually attack in groups making them a hindrance.

Finally, you have the Sarcosuchus, which is a prehistoric relative of the crocodile. It’s huge enough to take on the dinosaurs of the region. They are usually found in the sacred marsh area of the lost jungle.

At the end of the jungle, there is the sacred jungle path that leads to the jungle temple. There are guards that guard the temple against intruders, these are human/dinosaur hybrids that have a spear as a weapon. They can be defeated easily if attacked from behind.

There is only one path to the end of the jungle and to the sacred praying area of the people who live in Junglona. As seen in the picture above, this is where the people go to pray to the forest sage. The reason why they call it the lost jungle is because many people go to the lost jungle without assistance and they become lost forever. Over 50 to 100 bodies are found dead each year of those who died of the heat and humidity.

However, if one is able to make it through the temple living, they will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of a beautiful piece of architecture that DinoRule has to offer. The jungle temple is the patron temple of the natives and is the place where people go to pray to the forest sage. The entrance is not reachable, a grappling hook must be used to hook on a branch nearby the entrance of the temple.

Once inside the temple hallways are filled with vines and foliage from the nearby trees. The center of the temple is anything but normal as there are four torches that stay lit with the spirits of the founders of Junglona. Since the evil has taken over, the spirits of the temple have been awakened are in a state of unrest. Their presence makes the temple a dangerous place at best for the natives.

Rumors have it that the great dinosaur of the region has been awakened. The Tyrannosaurus Rex is the patron dinosaur of the region, yet one hasn’t been seen in over 100 years. However, the people believe the spirit of the biggest T-Rex is within the deep chambers of the temple. No one has dared to go into the bowels of the temple, making it a legend at best.

The evil forces that have invaded the temple have forced officials to deem the temple off limits until the evil force is defeated. Their only hope is if the Hero of DinoRule can enter the temple and defeat the evil inside.

The forest sage is a woman named Otilia and when she was still a mortal, she loved the earth and raising plants. She is a loving and caring woman who believes in peace and maintaining harmony between everybody. She was one of the first residents of DinoRule and was well loved for her ideals of peace. She is perhaps the most loved sage as she carries no hate whatsoever in her heart. Her wishes are for the realm of DinoRule to come together as a unit without the separation created by the government.

When Stephen completes the temple, she gives him the Minuet of Forest warp ability. He will be able to warp to the temple anytime he wishes in case he has to visit other unreachable parts. She will also give him a new spell called “Otilia’s Healing”. This spell is capable of healing Stephen 3/4 of the way, but it will cost much mana to perform.

This could either be the first or second temple Stephen visits depending on his choice after he clears the Light Region. This is also where he’ll meet his first friend and eventual love interest, Impa. Hope you enjoy this post!

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