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Prehistoric Crisis: DinoRule Region of Light

I‘m making good progress on my Dinosaur Horror book that is named “Prehistoric Crisis” for now, the title could change. So I wanted to talk about the ‘semi’ first region of DinoRule, which is the mythical land where the story will be taking place. Let us explore the first element, known as the element of Light.

In the Chamber of Sages, which I hope to have a picture drawn up soon the element of light is not within the six that surround the middle. That is because the Light Element is the main element of DinoRule. There is no designated region where the light temple lies. The actual location of the Light Temple is in the far northwest part of DinoRule field.

What makes the light element unique is that a couple of the important buildings that make up the unofficial region of light are outside the borders of DinoRule. While the Light Temple is in the realm of DinoRule, the shrine of light and the legendary healing pool are located just outside of the land of DinoRule. According to ancient DinoRule literature, this was done on purpose so that the soldiers of light could safely exit the confines and maintain the light barrier.

The soldiers of light are a special force that helps maintain the temple of light and make sure the light barrier remains strong. The shrine is considered their safe haven in case they are attacked by the wild creatures that exist outside of DinoRule. The healing pool is not only used by the soldiers of light for their own use but when they spot a human that has managed to get lost and is hurt they place the human in the pool. The effects of the pool are enough to heal any human even from the most mortal of wounds.

The element of light is considered to be the most respected of the elements next to the spirit element. Every resident makes sure they pray to the sage of light. The light barrier is the most important line of defense as it prevents anybody from exiting or entering DinoRule unless given permission by the light sage or if they have the ultimate staff of DinoRule. The secret mission of this region is to protect not only DinoRule but to make sure the dinosaurs do not get into the motherearth realm where you and I reside. While mankind is unaware of this mythical land, the residents of this land are aware of our earth. If an evil force should break through the Light Barrier, then humans with evil intentions could come in and threaten DinoRule. However, the most likely scenario is that the evil force will use the dinosaurs in the region to threaten mankind and attempt to rule the world with an iron fist of pure evil.

The sage of light is Rauru and he is an old man in an orange/red robe and he was a wise man during his human life on DinoRule. He used to be a well-known missionary and every parent wanted their kid to learn from him. As a result, after his death 500 years ago he became the sage of light and protector of DinoRule. Between him and the other sages, they make up the Chamber of Sages that protects DinoRule from evil.

Out of all the regions, the Light Region has the least amount of weather extremes and is considered to be rather temperate compared to the rest of DinoRule.

The actual temple of Light is rather small compared to the other elementals. However, it is one of the more beautiful places to enter only beaten by the Water Temple. The central room of the temple is where the warp to the Chamber of Sages lies. Only people with the staff of DinoRule, sages, or those with a pure heart are able to access. Inside the chamber of sages, the visitor will be stuck in a crystal-like object and will be unable to step on the sacred area unless they are a sage.

For the MC, Stephen this is where is quest begins and he will receive the staff of light along with the ability to control night and day. Most of the time, the temple of light is closed to visitors minus the festival of light that happens every 100 years. Even then the center of the room remains closed and only opening to the person who proves to be the ‘Hero of DinoRule’.

Every region has a great powerful dinosaur that is the patron dinosaur to those in their respective region. In the case of the ‘Light Region’, it’s Thanatos the Allosaurus. Usually, this dinosaur protects the small region from evil. However since the evil force has broken the light barrier, Thanatos has committed itself to evil instead. Thanatos is an Allosaurus that is about 10ft tall and has a very rough body. Its back is full of spikes capable of piercing through a human with ease. It has a rather predictable attack pattern as it goes around in a circle as it tries to bite its target. Its tail is where its weak spot is located, with the blade of DinoRule Stephen should be able to defeat it.

As Stephen will discover, the Light Temple will serve as a hub where he will return as he clears all the other elemental temples from the evil forces that have entered them.

The element of Light might not have an official region or even have an official symbol in the chamber of sages. That’s because it’s the element that is central to all other elements. This is where I’m up to in my book as of the writing of this blog post.

The book should be out Late Summer/Early fall. Lookout for more blog posts as we explore the rest of the regions/temples.

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