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Snippet of Prehistoric Crisis #1

Snippet of Prehistoric Crisis #1

Here is another snippet of Prehistoric Crisis based on what I was working on this weekend. Hope you enjoy! There will be more and if you enjoyed this snippet, why not preorder it for $2.99 which is a dollar off the actual price.


US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G2LVC56

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07G2LVC56

CA: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07G2LVC56

AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07G2LVC56

Dungeon: Water Temple

Entering through the big gate, he heads inside and sees where he can get back up to surface. Taking off his iron boots, he floats above water and climbs on the platform. He takes a look at the core of the temple.

“Wow! This place is huge but beautiful…” He takes a deep breath while looking at the breathtaking architecture.

The water temple has royal blue walls with murals of what might have been the ancient civilization of Atlantis. The core center is made out of limestone and is divided into three floors. Despite the beauty of the temple, he knows that it’s probably huge in size and he’ll have to tackle in stages.

He sees that the temple is filled with water close to where he is. Jumping into the water, he begins to swim into towards the corridor to his east. When he gets to the corridor, he sees a pool of water that he gets close to.

Stephen changes into the Iron Boots.

Putting the iron boots on, he goes underwater and walks through the hall until he bumps into a reddish block. He pushes it forward until he’s unable to push it anymore. Seeing that it’s a dead end, he backtracks where he came from.

Stephen changes into the Regular Boots.

Getting back above water, he looks at the temple again and looking ahead, he sees a huge door with chains indicating the boss room. That is also where Impa is probably being held.

“Hmm… where is Rau? He never showed up to the temple or he might be in trouble himself. Gotta get moving before Aries has his men get their dirty hands on Impa.” He says in his head before going into the water in the center of the temple.

Putting on his iron boots, he dives back underwater. He spots a mosasaurus, which looks hungry.

Mosasaurus are another species of an aquatic lizard carnivore. These reptiles are known to be rather fast and pack a powerful bite. It likes to use its tail to attack as well.

Keeping himself close to the wall, he hopes to avoid being spotted by the reptile. The mosasaurus moves along its merry way as Stephen continues to sink towards the lowest level.

Another mosasaurus can be seen close to ground level, he continues to avoid the swimming reptiles until he hits the ground. Walking on the ground, he sees the first corridor to his left with two unlit torches on each side. Before he can enter the corridor though, once of the mosasaurus begins to chase him.

He notices that he runs a lot slower now that he has the iron boots and is underwater. Stephen rolls continuously until he gets into the corridor and is able to escape from the reptile that is unable to fit through the hole. Once he safely gets in the hallway, he enters a room with torches and looks up.

Upon looking up, he sees the ceiling is open indicating that he can access a higher floor. Taking off his boots, he begins to float up until he gets above water. He sees the DinoRule symbol and doesn’t think too much about it. Instead, he goes through the door in front of him and enters.

When he enters, he sees a couple of mermaids. However, these mermaids are not the friendly ones. They have the head of a pliosaurus and are armed with tridents. He takes out his sword and shield to prepare for battle. With his shield, he’s able to block one of the trident-wielding mermaid. However, he gets attacked by the other on his right side.

Health: 200

Armor: 192

Flipping back to get some distance, he continues to dodge trident attacks until he slips with his wet boots. With him being down, one of the pliosaruses is able to strike him with another attack with its trident.

Health: 176

Armor: 181

After taking the additional damage, he activates the fire sword ability and begins to swing away. He burns one of the mermaids to a crisp with his fire sword. He backflips away from another attack by the mermaid pliosaurus. After getting out of the way, he jumps and hacks the other guard with his fire sword killing it. The pliosaurus that he kills leaves behind some crystals.

-25 Mana. Mana: 230

+4 Blue Crystals. Blue Crystals: 156

After killing the twin pliosaurus mermaids, a huge wooden chest appears in the middle of the room and the door leading back unlocks. Stephen heads to the chest to open it.

Picked up a Dungeon Map. This map will give the whole layout of the dungeon. This map is only useful in this dungeon. Cannot be used in the other temples.

He finds himself a map of the temple, which will prove to be extra useful in the water temple. Just by looking at the map, he can tell that the temple is huge and the biggest he’s had to explore so far.

Leaving the room, he heads back to the DinoRule symbol to check it out. Stephen reads the inscription.

“Place the staff of light on the symbol and the waves of water will change.”

Despite the rather odd writing, he’s able to decipher the inscription as the symbol changing the water level of the temple. Placing the staff close to the symbol, he sees that the water drains and the floor of the lowest level can be seen from his location. Taking a chance, he drops down through the hole and lands on the ground level.

Despite a hard fall, he gets up just fine without taking damage. During the fall, he noticed that there was a 2nd floor that he can’t reach. He figures he might have to change the water level so he can reach the 2nd floor. For now, he sees a door that is blocked with metal bars.

Before he figures out how to open the door, he sees four jars next to him. Breaking the jars, he finds something different in each jar.

+3 Blue Crystals. Blue Crystals: 159

+50 Health. Health: 226

+75 Mana. Mana: 305

+10 Arrows. Arrows: 34

Another thing that catches his attention is the middle torch is lit for some odd reason. There are two more torches that are standing to the left and right of the locked door. Not wanting to waste his valuable mana, he tries to place an arrow next to the flames. Placing the tip of the arrow next to the fire causes it to burn.

Taking aim at the left torch, he quickly shoots the arrow before it burns away. The arrow strikes the torch and lights it up. Doing the same thing, Stephen lights up the second torch. Upon lighting up both torches, the metal bars rise and the door is accessible.

Arrows: 32

He heads towards the door and opens it. When he enters the room, he sees some clams that are sitting there. However, when he gets too close one of them attacks him and bites his leg to his shock.

Health: 220

Armor: 177

He takes a small amount of damage from the bite. He tries to slash it, but the clam closes its mouth and its outer shell is far too hard to break. Another two more clams come in and try to bite him, but he’s able to roll away from them.

Backing up to gain distance, he pulls out his bow and waits until one of the clams open their mouth. Once he spots one opening its mouth, he shoots a couple of arrows into its mouth killing it. He repeats the same strategy for the other two until they are dead.

Arrows: 23

Two of the clams leave behind pickups.

+10 Arrows. Arrows: 33

+50 Mana. Mana: 355

Besides the pickups, he sees a small chest appear in the middle of the room. Figuring it’s a key, he opens the chest.

You have found a Small Key. This key is used to open doors in the dungeon. These keys only work in dungeons.

Small Keys: 1

Once he gets the key, he leaves the room and heads back to the center of the temple. Following the map, he heads to the next corridor to his left. As he’s walking to the corridor, he notices the mosasauruses that were swimming are on the floor jumping up and down due to the lack of water. Ignoring the reptiles, he goes into the corridor.

When Stephen gets to the end of the corridor, he sees the floor has a huge crack in it. He uses a bomb to blow up the crack exposing a small pool of water.

Bombs: 31

Switching to his iron boots, he sinks to the bottom and spots a baby pliosaurus. The baby pliosaurus attacks Stephen who is unable to lift his shield in time and gets bitten by the baby reptile.

Health: 202

Armor: 169

After getting attacked by the reptile, he waits for it to attack again and is able to slash it before it’s able to attack again. Once he kills the baby pliosaurus, he moves to the end of the hall where he removes his iron boots.

When he gets above water, he gets up on solid ground and enters a room filled with more water. Trying to avoid letting the beauty of the temple distract him, he focuses and spots a floor switch that is just underwater. Pressing the switch, the water rises further up and now he’s able to reach the platform on the other side.

A mosasaurus is lurking in the water and threatens to grab Stephen by his legs. He’s able to spot it, jumping and rolling out of the water. He gets on the platform as the mosasaurus jumps out of the water and nearly bites him whole.

Upon reaching the platform, he meets a couple of new enemies known as sea spiders. Their main form of attack is to jump and tackle its target, they deal some damage but nothing earth-shattering.

He cuts them up easily without much effort as he’s well prepared for them. Cutting them up they both leave small red potions that he needs.

+50 Health. Health: 252

After picking up the heath, he sees a gate blocking his way with a crystal switch behind it. He’s unable to slash it from where he is, but he remembers a glitch that he used in a game similar to his situation where the sprite used a spinning sword attack to strike the switch.

With that idea in mind, he performs a spinning attack and strikes the switch. When the switch is hit, the gate opens. When the gate opens, he sees a golden spider that he kills with a couple of arrows.

Arrows: 31

Picked up a Golden Spider Token. This is proof that you have killed a Golden Spider of the cursed.

Golden Spider Tokens: 43

He also spots some more jars that he breaks revealing various pickups.

+5 Blue Crystals. Blue Crystals: 164

+3 Green Crystals. Green Crystals: 93

+50 Health. Health: 302

+4 Red Crystals. Red Crystals: 39

Once he grabs the pickups, he waits for the mosasaurus to get a safe distance away from him. When the reptile swims away from the area, he quickly jumps into the water until he gets to the platform on the other side. When he gets there, he puts his iron boots and treks until he gets back to the center of the temple.

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