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There is no other commodity on this planet that has the same impact as words. Whatever language you speak, as well as those you choose to learn give you the most valuable gift you will ever possess. I consider myself lucky that I appreciate the value that words bring to our lives and the impact that they have.  That impact is huge! From fairytales to political speeches. Marketing slogans. advertising, interview questions, application forms, school books, religious works, newspapers, magazines, road signs, instructions; where would we be without them?

I have read books since the age of 2 and began writing poems and short stories a year later. When I was 4 I began school and seriously hated having to be there.  We had to do 3 things (like a painting or a simple maths question) then we could play for the rest of the day.  I used to do everything in half an hour because I thought I could go home then! On my first day I’d done my stuff and was ready to go home. The teacher tried to explain why I had to stay and said I could go to the reading corner. I searched through the books but they were all ‘baby’ books, so I returned to the teacher and said I’d read them all and where were the ‘real’ books! She basically ignored me until the 3rd day when I took one of my own books in. She called my dad when she saw the book as she thought I was just being naughty because I didn’t want to be there. I was reading ‘The Hobbit’! Next day, dad came in and explained that we were reading the book together and that I’d taken it to school to practice.  I will remember the look on that teacher’ s face forever. I also remember how Bilbo and Gandalf filled all those hours before home time.

It’s only now (44 years later) that I wish I had realised that I could have made a career out of my love for words. That’s my aim now.  I can speak a couple of other languages and holidays are always an opportunity to learn another one! I still read every day but I also write.

We can have gold, fancy cars, mansions, unlimited travel-all the things that money can buy, but we’d have none of this without words 

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  1. I often tell my students that words are “currency”. We have an unlimited budget, but the more carefully we manage and use them, the richer we all are.

    Thank you for a great post.


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