Pre order NOW: Cloudy, Obscure Love

Marti has become content with his solitary existence. Drinking in the darkest recess of the bar, he observes unnoticed. The relaxed tongues of his fellow drinkers provide endless scoops for the small-time magazine he works for. Then a surprise assignment to Eastern Europe promises Marti some action and he relishes the break from his routine.

Naria is a young Syrian, more accustomed to university life than the physical rigours forced upon her as she flees her war-torn home. Despite the atrocities she witnesses on her tortuous journey, Naria adapts and focuses on one goal – to get away.

On the trail of a story, Marti and Naria’s paths cross. Where once he just saw a story, Marti begins to understand the plight of the refugees. He didn’t set out looking for love. Despite his journalistic observation skills, will Marti see what is right in front of his eyes?

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