Blogging for Authors

I noticed that most of you don’t understand the concept of blogging. This isn’t something be ashamed of. Many authors end up creating a Facebook page or on Twitter that fails to engage readers or sell books.

But why do we always hear that these are good marketing practices? Well, blogging is very effective in marketing when done the right way.

Studies have shown that communication on social media is far much faster and direct. Social media can be a great marketing platform, but make no mistake – blogs can have a bigger impact. An average blog has 100,000 visitors per month. You can have 5,000 friends on Facebook of which about 10% try to read your updates. Considering the low reach of Facebook fan pages, blogging offers a bigger opportunity to get more audience.

Some of you believe that blogging is used to write things about yourself. Perhaps that can work when you have a big following, but without an audience, why blog about yourself? Blogging is all about offering answers to questions. Users use Google to ask questions and you offer content with answers. It can be difficult to do that.

Blogs can be personal, but as a publisher, a blog should deliver values to visitors/readers. You can write on hot topics related to your genres, but you can write from your character’s perspective as well.

For instance, a non-fiction writer will provide answers to questions about SEO, book marketing, sales channels etc. Why? Because I did my research and identified the content that covers answers to high-volume search questions.

Fiction writers have a bigger challenge, but nothing cannot be done. Romance writers can write on popular topics like relationships, dates etc. For instance, your main character can blog about dating rules. You could also consider travel posts about romantic villas. Talk about the best episodes of The Bachelor! Perhaps you can follow top beauty queens or eligible men in the world.

If you write fantasy, perhaps you can have a blog related to spells. You can come up with new spells and ask the readers to cast them on someone. This brings interactivity to your blogging.

Readers of science fiction love new technology and science. Create blog posts about recent scientific developments and how these development relate to people. Write reviews about science fiction films and books.

People who love mystery love the process of finding clues. Write posts on true crime stories, forensic techniques, and interesting ways police use to capture and detain lawbreakers.

If you write on history, research the places of the era. Consider talking about clothing and customs of that time. Find stories from the past that readers find interesting. You can also write on museum tours of that era that you write about.

In general, you can consider these several models based on how challenging they might be.

Easy: Literary Citizenship Model

This means bringing attention to authors, books, and writing and celebrating them. Blogging with an intent to promote literary citizenship offer many post possibilities, including:

  • Questions and answers or interviews with authors in the community
  • Informal book reviews or recommendations
  • Post talking about what you love saving, watching, listening to, collecting and many more

Benefits of this model

You are building a good network of contacts with excellent content on the site. Any author loves to be given attention.

Medium: Behind the Scenes Model

In this model, you write about people, research, news stories or current events. These activities should be the ones that play a role in the construction of your books. You can also develop events and competitions that concentrate on reader engagement, such as having your readers choose the best cover, name your novel’s character etc. probably, readers will love knowing more about the ideas and context that affect your writing and involving them in future work.

Benefits of this model

Most writers feel that it’s natural to discuss things that affect their work.  This model will help you uncover and engage the most important fans.

Difficult: Daily life or Personal Essay

Regardless of the genre, some writers choose to write short missives – that extend into personal essays. These essays comment on their day to day activities or reflect on their personal life. It could involve the regular posting of media like videos and photos.

Benefits of the model

It can be a great practice or creative outlet, especially if you want to blog on a schedule. Your fans will enjoy the intimacy. However, some authors prefer to have some mystery.


Blogs do work perfectly. Don’t give up on the idea. They are crucial when it comes to your author platform.

This isn’t a complete list of the things you can blog about, but it gives you an idea of the popular options.

Blogging requires research. People don’t just start writing what they want. Blogging is a creative way to offer answers and values.

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