Book Marketing Basics for New Authors

With so many book marketing strategies available to promote a book, one can easily be overwhelmed and find it hard to decide what to do and when to do it. Marketing a book is the harder part of the book publishing process and needs proper planning.

A good book with a clear audience in mind is an essential part of publishing success. But, the most important thing is to ensure that the intended audience can discover, purchase and tell others about your book.

Competition makes book promotion necessary

There is an increasing number of eBooks written every day and the market is getting crowded with eBooks.

As competition increases, you have to do more for your book to be noticed.

Writing a book is the starting point. You need to write your book to entertain fans of a particular genre when it comes to fiction. For nonfiction, you have to solve a particular problem. You will also have to edit and revise the book carefully and have a book cover that looks professional.

Some authors might think of cutting the costs by skimping on book cover creation and editing. It can be tempting. However, that will be a big mistake. It’s an investment and you should spare some money to get it done correctly. When you get these right at the start, you will stand to make enough profit in the long run. This long-term strategy is one of the first steps to successful book marketing.

Sell both the Steak and the Sizzle

The self-publishing market has grown to the extent that readers find it overwhelming to choose what to read. You can easily find a book about anything written by writers all over the world.

A personal brand has a huge part in book promotion. Readers prefer buying a book from an author with a personality to those they know little about. Authors need to put their personality out there for the audience to get to know them and their writing.

Connecting with readers literary and on a personal level gives you a chance to build a lasting fan base who will look forward to your next book and let others know about your book.

Here are great ways that will help you build your author brand:

1.    Social Media

This is a perfect place that writers can connect with their readers. Also, this is a place to connect with other authors.

It’s crucial to utilize social media in a deliberate and measured way. Some others think that it’s wise to sign up for every social media that they can think of. They end up investing a lot of effort and time into social media without knowing the reason behind that. Some authors have fallen into this trap.

New authors should start with the basics. Start by creating a Facebook page that will fit with your brand. This gives you a chance to connect with your fans on the most popular social media platform. It will also help you connect with other writers and share great ideas. Using Facebook for book promotion is also important in case you ever want to use Facebook ads in the future.

Other than Facebook, you can also start with Twitter for book marketing. It’s a way you can connect with fellow writers and fans and find inspiration as well as new content. If you decide to create an account with both Twitter and Facebook, you need to brand them cohesively. Try using similar language and images.

2.    Author Website

An author website is a crucial aspect as far as book marketing is concerned. It’s has a lot of benefits and you can’t afford to promote your book without one.

Nowadays, creating a website has become an easy thing. You can easily create a website without technical knowledge. When it comes to creating a website, you don’t have to create an elaborate masterpiece. All you need is a clean and simple website to connect directly with your fans, promote your latest books and create a mailing list.

3.    Author Central page and Author Bio

If you were the one looking for a book to buy on Amazon, what would be the first things you will be looking for?

When you come across a book that seems interesting, chances are that you will check out its reviews, its cover and look for details about the writer. These are the crucial elements that any Amazon book browser will be looking for.

Many writers find it hard to craft their author bio. It can be hard for them to promote themselves in a way that isn’t abrasive and showing the readers what makes them tick while at the same time offering an engaging content.

For inspiration, consider looking for author bio examples from other writers. You will get an idea of the required tone and structure. While doing so, never copy other writer’s style directly. You only need the example for inspiration. Put a unique twist on it and create something that reflects your brand.

Consider featuring your author bio on your Amazon Author Central page. It’s a great platform by Amazon that gives you a chance to feature an author photo, lets you add editorial reviews to the book’s sales page and let the buyers follow you. Since Amazon is a dominant retail market, you need to market yourself as much as possible on that platform.

Building a Lasting Author Future

The ideas above are intended to help you build a lasting hype. These strategies will help you connect with readers, developing your author brand and, ultimately, sell more books.

You should see book marketing as a marathon and not a sprint. It needs someone who can see a strategic and bigger picture. You will see the fruits of your effort with time.


Book promotion cannot be overlooked. You must promote your books for people to buy them.

As the e-book market keeps increasing at high rates, you need to consider book marketing at all times to put yourself in a competitive advantage.

If you have invested a lot in writing a book, you need to give it a chance of success. Book marketing is the chance you need to make sales.

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