Book of the Day: Blind Trust

In the final chapter of the Rector Street Series, former SEC investigator Ben Hirsh unravels a fifty-year-old murder mystery.

The discovery of a dead man’s bank statement, with the name of a corrupt CEO scrawled across the top, sends Ben on a search for the man responsible for that long-ago assassination.

To find the truth he will need the help of a Frank McGinley, known as both a genius and a thug, along with Kat Wells who is feared and respected equally on Wall Street.

It will require Blind Trust in his new colleagues to uncover the facts.

Blind Trust is a novel about loyalty—to friends, family, and those who have passed. Ben will learn that there is no honor among thieves, but there is for those who hunt them.

Rector Street Trilogy by John Nuckel

Book 1: The Vig
Book 2: Grit
Book 3: Blind Trust

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