Book Review: Flower Shields by C.A. King

I want some more!

When I got to the last page of this book, all I can say is ‘That’s it?’ Don’t get me wrong, but this book makes me hunger for more!

I’ve read tons of books with the Four Horses of Apocalypse as it’s characters, and I didn’t expect the twist or her version of it. I was like, ‘wow this is something new.’ It got me glued literally on my seat that I almost forgot to feed my cat!

The book started with a myth, where it introduces a refreshing approach to the Apocalypse. Then continues to our heroine Tara, whom you will instantly connect & love, even her clumsy ways. Michael, the eye-candy guy of the moment… He is an alpha guy, mind you…The knight in shining armor …more, more, more, pages of him, please!!!!

Did I say that this is not just a romance book but also one big action/fantasy/humor rolled into one?!. The rich details of the scene will make you feel like you are watching it live. The characters you like at first will be a surprise villain for you (spoilsport me! Haha) — fast action transitions, with no downtime moment. The conversations and the quick wit banter of our heroes is the thing to check out too.

I wish that this is a bit longer. When a book is right, you would want it to continue, all day long! I also would like to see more intimate moments of Michael and Tara. Additional scenes of them, making their connection a bit deeper, making it stronger – and yes again, I want this book longer. Also, fangirling will be complete if Uriel & Raphael (the other male horsemen), giving more space and scenes in this book. This book may not be their time yet, but then delivering a bit more ‘taste’ of their characters will be a superb hook for the next book.

To end, all can say is prepare your coffee, get a right sitting spot, and READ THIS BOOK. I will follow this novel series until the end.