Book Review: Riven

This is one of the fast-paced books that I read. At first, I thought this is ‘just another fantasy
novels’ out there but then it caught me by surprise with the hidden meaning of this book. A
deeper meaning waiting to be discovered, as Emily’s world surrounds you like a blanket
The character details are not given at once. Their emotions and their connection to each other is
given and yet it holds back some tiny details of them, waiting to be unraveled on the next
chapter. There are so many things happening inside Emily’s head, to the point that you will think
she is losing her mind. The story is fast-really fast. It may still have some rough patches (heck, all
authors have this) in all, you will get hooked on why this is happening and why the reality and
fantasy are closely intertwined.
A very engaging read…Wishing that Emma (Emily) did not suffer too much to escape reality for
the sake of sanity. I cried for her, I laugh and get angry for her. I cried that she experienced that
kind of horror when she was young…I laughed at her antics & retorts, I got angry that she feels so
The thing that I wish to make it better first is the cover. Readers like to check the cover all the
time (you know to visualize the heroine). My first impression was this book cover is a bit odd.
Why the insect is included? Though answered why in the book, I believe that the author can do
better than this. It also makes me remember ‘Silence of the lambs’ by it’s cover. It will be great to
showcase Emily in a fairy background since the title revolves on ‘fantasy’.
I also wish it is not that fast. Rich details were given and continuous action happening that it’s like
reporting a busy war zone. Who doesn’t love an action-packed read? well jumping at once to
another scene will be better if posted not continuously. Like, point A to point B then D to B.
To end, I’d say Kudos to Ms. Harris debut novel. It is not often a story like this will become out…
Taking in a story of abuse and making it as a step for empowerment is really beautiful. I would
love to read more of her stories and for sure will say: SURPRISE ME!