Book Review: The Little Light: A Story of Reincarnation and the Crazy Cosmic Family (The Guardians of the Lore Book 1)

Wow! …just wow! What a beautiful, epic debut book!

This book got me hooked on the first page — a story derived from lore, spinning to this vibrant, magical story, that gives meaningful and memorable words of wisdom. I lost count actually of all the unforgettable quotes in there.

I rarely give a five out of five-star rating, but I must say, this outstanding book is worth more than that!

I don’t want to spoil it and reveal the magic but trust me when I say that this is a worth your time. Not just your time, but worthy of being discovered and be part of your ‘best book collection.’

I was humbled and enlighted after reading this book. For you see, all of us started as a ‘little light’; it is up to us to fulfill our destiny. It is a book that you would want to be on your bedside table so that you can reach it anytime you want some inspiration or even a little reminder/s.

Three great examples:

“Life is a great gift. You are blessed to receive it. Despite all the trials, tribulations and adversaries; you know deep down that the human experience is truly worth living.”

“A hidden fire will forever burn inside you like a silent volcano. This fire will wax and wane, but it can never be vanquished.”

 “Beautiful gems can emerge from the dirt.”

This book is not a ‘heavy-serious’ type one. It is light, with beautiful dialogues and endearing scenes that will make it more easier for us readers to understand the true meaning it wants to convey.

Will never look at the same way at Father Sun and Saturn…Mothers Venus, and Moon…with brothers Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars.  The awe-inspiring Phoenix…The sharp-tongued Pirouzeh- who is my favorite (for sure you will too)…The twins Rahu & Ketu…Faithful Okami, and last but not the least Dag & Havah… yes, I know I’m (almost) spoiling it.

To sum it, this is one extraordinary, astronomical perfection! Cheers, and I’ll be waiting for your next masterpiece, Ms. Sanatani.