Ensorcelled Royal Ties

A band of Orcs ravages Heartwood, leaving Melinda and her nephew Bastian some of the few survivors. Bastian’s father, Warrick, is taken hostage and when King Edwards arrives, he makes it clear he’s not planning a rescue mission. Furious at the King, Melinda sets off with Bastion to save their family. Deep in the forest they discover the young mage, Ev, traveling by herself. Bastian is smitten, but their paths crossing is nothing short of fate. As Orcs continue their pursuit, Melinda and Bastian learn of a greater evil taking over the Kingdom. Through twists and turns the King reappears into Melinda’s life and she realizes the heart-breaking truth behind this man. With love brewing between Melinda, King Edwards, Bastian, and Ev they make themselves easily exploited targets which may get them all killed. To save the ones they love they must save the kingdom.

Meet the Author – Cassandra DenHartog

Author of Paranormal and Fantasy Romance. Lover of fairy tails and dreams. Hospital worker and business owner. Often referred to as the crazy bird lady.