Facebook Event: Weekend Book Buzz #1 (Saturday 1 PM EST)

Yet another event from JoL’s workshop! We have sold 10.000+ books through our social media events and we work tirelessly to establish a #1 social media book-buying brand.

At the moment we are #2 in post engagements category, right behind the industry leader BookBub. Our monthly reach is 100k+, while we have 25k post engagements per month on average.

Coming up next:

Weekend Book Buzz #1



1. You can post your book links FOR FREE
2. You can post them ONLY on the book buying thread that goes live on Saturday 1 PM EST 
3. You can post up to three book links 
4. Give and you shall receive – although there are no mandatory buys, check out other titles as well 
5. All orders are eligible for prizes (just submit the order ID as a comment to the title purchased)

Our average per event is 150+ books sold!

If you want to get your title featured, all you need is an Event Booster and we’ll do the magic (downloads guaranteed):

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