FEATURED Star Chaser: The Traveler

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Star Chaser: The Traveler
by Reiter (G Russell Gaynor)

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### THE BLURB ###

A venturesome sci-fi/fantasy novel for readers who really want their action set where no man has gone before!

In ‘Star Chaser: The Traveler’, the prelude to the series, we meet Z’GUNOK TEL DUNGIAS, a Malgovi born without the ability to channel IRO, an ability inherent in the vast majority of his race.

As a member of a high-ranking family, he lived a life in-between… not truly an outcast, but never fully embraced. Often discounted and forgotten, Dungias was left to grow and learn primarily on his own. Yet the advantages of his family’s name did not entirely protect him against those who considered him anathema.

Through strength, daring, and unexpected cunning, Dungias created himself out of nothing – and worked toward the day when he could make changes…

Little did he know just how far-reaching those changes would be!


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