How to Make your New Book Release a Success

Marketing takes organization, planning, and consistent action: it’s hard work. Fortunately, marketing is about fostering relationships and connections, which can prove rewarding to you and your fans.

And since you know your book very well, your reasons for writing, your backstory, and who the ideal reader is, you need to put a plan in place to best connect with the intended audience and share your story.

You have put a lot of effort into writing, editing and making arrangements for your book to be published that thought of adding more work isn’t a less appealing idea. But if you launch a book without a marketing plan, very few people will read it.

This will hamper the success of the book you are working on and those you will publish in future. Therefore, if you dream of being the bestselling author, or if you need your book to assist you to reach lifestyle goals, a book marketing strategy is an essential key that will ensure your success.

Having an overview of what you can do and the time and effort that it will take can help you better plan for your marketing plan.

Here are the recommended book marketing strategies that you need to make your book a success.

1.    Design an eye-catching cover

When potential readers are browsing Amazon, they will be checking at books thumbnail. Ensure that they will click to have a closer look by having an attractive cover. You can check some of the best covers to get an idea and create something similar to that. The cover should clearly show what the genre of the book is so that you attract the right readers. Since readers judge a book by its cover, ensure that you have a great cover.

2.    Craft a great book description

The best way you can come up with a great book description is by creating different iterations and ley friends help you choose the best one. When you have found the right one, polish it. Every word and sentence should excite your readers. Don’t try describing the whole plot: they need to read the book for that. Try making your book sound like something they would look forward to reading.

3.    Assign clearly defined genre

You should reach your target audience without confusing anyone, especially when people know your genre very well. Sometimes, some authors expertly blend genres, which can make marketing difficult.

Everything about your book from blurb to cover to the story should clearly define the genre of your book. If you write about science fiction that talks about space and galactic war, the cover can feature a spaceship. Then the blurb can describe an alien invasion.

Even if your novel includes various elements from different genres, it helps to choose one genre and market to readers. You want a perfect view to purchase ratio on book pages on retailer sites. Retailer algorithms tend to favor pages with high conversion rates. You can achieve this by defining your genre.

4.    Hire a professional editor

If you work with traditional publishing houses, chances are that you are working on a book with a professional editor. For indie authors, you need to hire an editor. Your book should be professional like other books out there.

5.    Source early reviews

Socialize with your readers in a Facebook group and try getting some early reviews. You can ask readers in the group if anyone wants an advance review copy. Before you launch a book, email advance review copies to your readers and ensure that they are loaded on their Kindles. Chances are that most of them will post reviews after launch.

You can also have some author friends to read your bool and offer short quotes. You can post these in the ‘Editorial Reviews” section.

6.    Select relevant keywords

In the KDP interface, you will find a keyword field. Choose good keywords for the book. They serve two main purposes:

•    They help Amazon browsers to find your book

•    They help a book reach extra subgenre categories

7.    Launch an email campaign

Building an email list can take time. There are many ways you can use to grow your email list. Perhaps you can offer free novels to anyone who signs ups to your newsletter list. You can also add a link to signup page on the last page of your novels.

On launch day, remember to email all the subscribers on the list. Add a book cover, blurb and a contest where the readers win something. You can send a reminder on the next day, promoting the bool and the contest.

Concentrate on building your mailing list. Its one of the best marketing tool you can use.

8.     Setup your website

Many authors They need a website since they can promote a book through the author platform on Amazon and social media. They are wrong.

It makes a huge difference. Having an author site is the difference between renting and purchasing a property. When you rent, you are living in a space that’s not yours.

Since it doesn’t belong to you, they can easily cancel your lease anytime. Having your site on a hosted server and with your domain name is like having that piece of real estate.

You can customize your website, and publish content whatever you want. You have full control.

Marketing your book on your website has many benefits. You can:

•    Post blogs about your upcoming books

•    Publish a book’s landing page on the site

•    Create a countdown time for the release date of your book

•     Set up an affiliate link to your Amazon page and you will get commissions on book sales

•    Add links to video clips about your book on the site

•    Communicate directly with email subscribers about new releases

9.     Launch your book at a low price point

You can launch the book at $0.99 to gain high visibility. After a week or so, you can raise the price to $2.99. Launching at a lower price will help you hit the Amazon bestsellers list on the first. You will stay there.

10.    Create a BookBub Ads campaign

Create a BookBub ad and target it to fans of your genre. Spend some money on the ad and choose a high maximum to ensure that you get as many ad views as possible. This will get you many extra clicks to your book’s product page on Amazon.

11.    Publish a good book

One of the attributes of a book that will be successful is that it must be a good book. All the steps above will help market you’re your book and reach your target audience, but a good book will make people read it.

12.    Reach out to influencers

In book marketing, nothing will have a bigger impact on the book than influencers. They market your book through endorsement.

An influencer can be authors with strong email lists, bloggers and podcasters. It anyone with an established platform that will get you noticed when they notice you.

Influencers have a long reach. Identify those in your niche and reach out to them. Introduce yourself and ask them if they can help in promoting your book. They will want a free copy to read and review.

13.    Leverage two social media platforms

Using social media to promote your book is one of the best ways to reach potential readers. There are thousands of people you can engage with.

One big scare about social media is that a lot of time is spent trying to get everything done. If you try connecting with everyone, you will match up with nobody.

When marketing and promoting your book, you can’t waste time being everywhere and doing all things at once. That’s why it’s recommended that you pick two social media sites to work with and post content regularly on them.

14.    Reach out to get interviews and podcasts

A podcast and local radio can introduce you to new readers. It might sound intimidating, but you can pull this off like a pro if you prepare well.

Look to podcast hosts, local college, or local radio stations for interviews.

Hosts love interviewing upcoming authors, so you get surprised at the many offers that will come your way after reaching out.

Reach out and let them know about your book and why it might be fascinating to the audience. Consider offering them a free sample so that they can determine if you would be a good fit.

When you go on, present a good story about the book and get your audience excited.

15.    Connect with book clubs

You can consider local book clubs to attract new readers. They might have liked your book. Find these groups and connect with them.

You can attend a meet-and-greet and offer the readers a free signed book. Also, get your book listed in Facebook Groups and other groups for readers.

You can also consider paid lists, like Buck Books. Your book will probably reach tens of thousands of readers.

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