Jol’s Book Buying Club: December Incentives and Promo Packages

Book marketing is never more prevalent than during December. Indie authors know all to well that the life of a writer is not just about writing, it’s about marketing our books and in fact, selling books. There’s no way getting around this. If we want to keep the dream alive we need to sell, sell, sell.

With so many different ways to market, none are that easy. We can spend our precious time posting to a gazillion groups a day on Facebook, send out tweets by the dozen or build an Instagram following. But what is the cost in all this? The cost is time, time we can spend doing what we love the most, writing. Indie authors are always looking for an easier way, which is why JoL’s Book Buying Club was created. Connecting authors with readers on one platform with the sole purpose of selling books. Not hoping to sell books, but actually selling books. It’s book marketing made easy and in the month of December, JoL’s club has multiple book promo packages to choose from, all designed to sell books.

Here’s a look at our December book marketing incentives:

1. Christmas Chariot Promo Incentives: Author Spotlight, Special event Booster, Promo posts (for those who applied for $75 Christmas Chariot promo)

2. Romance Marathon Dec 4th- $47 to promote your book AND to include your book in the Unicorn Rewards program 2018.

3. Unicorn Chariot Dec 11th – Special event #1 ($47 to promote your book) *** $500+ in prizes

4. Christmas Marathon Dec 24th- runs for 72 hours- special event #2 ($47 to boost your title – already included in the Christmas Chariot package)

5. Farewell 2018 Dec. 31st – book buying party ($25 to boost your title) – special event #3

In addition to these great promo packages, every Thursday JoL’s club runs a book-buying marathon. We’ve sold close to 7,000 books during our Thursday events, and ALL Thursday Marathons include more prizes and incentives for those who purchase one the above packages. We’re quickly becoming a one-stop resource for indie authors and since December is the biggest book-buying month of the year, we’ve specifically developed our book promo packages with the purpose to sell books for every indie author who participates. Have no doubt you will sell books during our events.

Understandably, we all have to assess cost vs. return. But there’s much more going on behind the scenes at our events than selling books. I’m sure you’ve all heard the old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” What you’ll find at our book marketing events are readers who want to buy your books. Readers are always looking for the next big story, a book that’ll transcend from indie into the mainstream and new authors to follow. Our book buying events provides the perfect platform for readers to satisfy that creative reading itch. For a truly small cost (compared to other marketing techniques that cost far more yet guarantee zero sales) in addition to book sales you’ll gain exposure and a platform to feature your books and yes, yourself as an author. But the benefits don’t stop with sales and exposure, there’s so much more going on at JoL’s book clubs.

Connecting with other indie authors is an exceptional benefit. We’re all in this together, all with the same purpose, to live our dream as a writer. You’ll find so many authors in these clubs, building life long relationships as we assist and support each other in accomplishing our goals. Indie authors are an author’s best resource for book recommendations to readers, providing reviews over social media and on Amazon (because they buy the book and actually read the book).

In addition, one of the added benefits of selling books is increasing your Amazon ranking. When a potential reader enters a search criteria into Amazon, the viewer is provided with a number of potential matches. Amazon bases their recommendations on sales rank. If your book is selling, your rank increases, providing the potential to sell more books. It really is this easy. A small investment with a lifetime of benefits including finding readers in one place, building relationships with fellow authors, selling books and increasing potential for more sales. Why wouldn’t you invest in your future?

~ PD Alleva

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