JoL’s Book Festival Starting May 20th!

Authors Meet Your Readers! Readers Meet Your Authors!

Are you an author looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack sharing post after post in every possible book marketing Facebook group, hoping that enough readers see your post and actually buy your book? Have you motored through every Facebook group, shared and commented on posts, sent out book links by the dozen with little success? Have those important five-star reviews been as allusive as the vampire outside your window? Here at JoL’s Club, we understand your frustration because we have been there. So, cool your heels, wipe that cold sweat off your brow, and breathe a sigh of relief, your answer is here.

Diamond Club proudly presents a series of Facebook events for authors to promote their books directly to readers. That’s right, we’ve gathered a host of readers salivating for new books and great reads. Here at JoL’s Club readers mean success and success means you can quit your day job and write full time. We love our readers like we love our authors, that why our readers can enjoy great prizes for reads and even greater prizes for reviews! Yes, reviews too. The best marketing gives back to the customer, so why wouldn’t we treat our readers with prizes and incentives?

How it all works!

From May to July we are hosting 8 genre specific book buying Marathons. All events are free to join and authors can submit one title per event. Promoted authors can submit an unlimited number of books.

Both authors and readers will browse through the selection of books and pick up titles they find most interesting. All orders are eligible for prizes and even greater prizes are available for top reviewers. Reviews must be submitted no later than July 15th to Reviews can be publicly posted.

How can I join?

As an author, you can submit one title FOR FREE on event dates. That’s correct and no it was not a typo: FOR FREE.

I can hear our authors now, thoughts rattling in the skull, “But I have more books? I want to be featured. I am an author after all; I want my masterpiece to be up in lights for all to see.”

Ask no further dear author. JoLs Club now offers a Promo Package that will secure more exposure to readers. Our Hyper Booster Promo Package is $75 and secures special features in readers groups with additional chances for reviews.

How do the reviews work?

Readers are prompted to leave an honest review. In the unlikely event the reviewer chooses not to review after reading the book, an explanation with reasons for their refusal must be submitted to If we find these reasons acceptable, we will count their submission as still eligible for prizes.

A special team of authors using a 10-point system will evaluate all reviews made for each specific genre. Those authors will rate the quality of the review, not the book itself.

What’s the event schedule?

We will host eight genre-specific events every Monday beginning May 20th.

May 20th – Fantasy Marathon

May 27th – Horror & Paranormal

June 3rd –  Romance

June 10th – Thrillers, Mystery, Suspense

June 17th – Sci-fi

June 24th – Historical

July 1st –    Young Adult

July 8th –   Non-fiction

Who will attend?

Authors and readers of course. Our Book Festival is co-promoted by several book clubs. We also have top reviewers on our Hunters Team who will use their Hunter Gift Cards to read and review books in all events.

Hunters Team is invitation-based.

What’s in there for authors?

Book of the Year GRAND PRIZE: $1000 promo credits to use in JoL’s Club will be awarded to the author whose title receives the best reviews (with a minimum number of 5 reviews)

Book of the Year: GOLD, SILVER and Bronze rewards for EVERY genre (24 prizes for authors!)

Each GOLD winner receives: $200 promo credits to use in JoL’s Club

Each SILVER winner receives: $100 promo credits to use in JoL’s Club

Each BRONZE winner receives: $50 promo credits to use in JoL’s Club

What’s in there for readers and reviewers?

All orders are eligible for event-based prizes: gift cards and transferrable promo deals.

Best reviewers (authors’ picks) will receive:

GOLD Reviewer: $200 Gift Card

Silver Reviewer: $100 Gift Card

Bronze Reviewer: $50 Gift Card

JoL’s Club is also a charitable organization. A portion of our proceeds is donated to the prestigious Save the Children Organization. It’s not just about books.

Space is limited and of course, time is of the essence, sign up for your Book Festival HyperBooster Today!

Written by author PD Alleva, Prolific Word Weaver, and author of Science fiction, horror and dark fiction thrillers.

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