Not Alcoholic, But…

Not Alcoholic, But… is an account of my 36 year relationship with alcohol, some of it good, some bad, and how my final year of drinking led to my decision to quit.
Even now, several years sober, I still don’t think of myself as alcoholic. Why? Because I was able to put controls around my drinking – controls that saved me from losing my job, my partner, my friends – controls that allowed me to have a lot of fun, much of the time.
But the simple fact is: my life is so much better now, without the soaring highs and lows, the terrible self-loathing on the ‘morning after’ the constant looking out for the next drink, the unpredictability of my moods.
I can’t believe my luck in not having to suffer all of that any more, or my luck that I don’t crave the roller-coaster life that I once led.
This book is about my journey to a new existence; one without alcohol. It’s for anyone who wants to explore what life is like on the other side and how to get there without fuss – seen from the perspective of one who once enjoyed a drink or two. There’s no psychobabble in this book, no gimmickry, no tricks of the mind. Just some honest soul searching which anyone can benefit from.
If you’re looking for a well written, honest, easy-read, then you’ve definitely found it here…

Author: Will Piper 

I hope that my drinking memoir will help all those people who are worried about their alcohol consumption to figure out the truth behind their own relationship with alcohol and what they want to do about it – objectively and without pressure.