November Book Rain Scheduled!

Our first Book Rain promo program runs from November 11th for TWO WEEKS! Two weeks of book-buying events, incentives, and fun 🙂

What’s a Book Rain Promo?
It’s a series of online events and incentives, designed to boost your sales. Most events are hosted on Facebook, while some incentives happen on our website and other social media channels.

How does it work?
We promote books through events and incentives, while our readers collect loyalty points for each verified purchase. After two weeks they can exchange their points for gift cards and other cool stuff.

Is this program FREE?
Every author can join for free and post a limited number of book links in our book-buying events. For those who are looking for a bigger exposure with guaranteed sales, we have a special November Book Rain Booster program on sale for just $39!

How about prizes?
We have prizes for:
1. Readers, based on loyalty points
2. Book Bloggers, based on quality of their reviews
3. Authors, based on their performance in the program

$200+ in gift cards goes to loyal readers
$50 Gift Card goes to the Best November Book Blogger
$100+ promo deals go to the best performing authors
$50+ promo deals go to the best cover arts

Order your November Book Rain Booster today and get your books in front of many eyes!

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