Wicked Heart

Sometimes love arrives too late.
She was just a young girl. Innocent. Naïve.
But now Sami’s been forced into a torturous solitude, with only her thoughts to amuse and consume her. Will love, once again, be allowed into her darkened heart or will the heartbreak of her past keep her its prisoner until her last breath?

About the Author

Niki is the author of the Epic Fantasy series, Theia’s Moons. Today, she lives in Utah with her partner, their four children and two over sized cats, but dreams of one day living on a beach, where she can spend her days dazzling the world with her imagination.
She enjoys a whole variety of things, including reading stories that keep her on the edge of her seat, having late night talks with her handsome fireman, having happy/crappy time at the dinner table with her family, playing in the dirt in hopes to create a bountiful garden and sitting quietly on her back porch, sipping coffee and watching the sun wake up the world.